Choosing a Glaze

Here you can see our signature glaze combinations, designed for you, by our ceramic technician. All of these combinations are available for your pots, just write on your collection slip which one you would like at the end of your session. 

All of these glazes are high fire glazes which you can opt at all pottery making classes such as handbuilding and wheel throwing.

Wait times:

Our team will glaze your pots for you after the session ends. The current wait time for these high fire glazes is 6-7 weeks. As a small non-profit studio,  we are trying our best to maximise kiln space in the wake of surging electricity costs associated with running a kiln. We hugely appreciate your patience and understanding.

Glaze cost:

All of these glazes are priced at £10 per pot. There is also a free clear glaze option for some or all of your pots.

Glaze 1: Raspberry Mist1. Raspberry Mist

Smooth matte finish with a rich deep blue colour with slight undertones of red.

Glaze 2: Barbie2. Barbie

Pink, made lighter with white undertones.

Glaze 3: Milk3. Milk

A smooth coated white glaze.

Glaze 4: Muddy Waters4. Muddy Waters 

A rich and full bodied dark brown colour with a glossy finish.

Glaze 5: Amber Nights5. Amber Nights 

Irridescent in the light, the chemical reaction between the colours creates a texture that draws you in. Reminiscent of amber, this glaze appears viscous but like all of our glazes, is smooth to the touch.

Glaze 6: Custard Wash6. Custard Wash

Light blue and yellow fuse together to create dynamic textures and tones. 

Glaze 7: Glasgow Sky7. Glasgow Sky 

Like an autumnal evening sky in Queens Park.

Glaze 8: Lavender8. Lavender

A dark pink mixed with speckles of mauve that resemble spraypaint.

Glaze 9: Grass9. Grass

An earthy, froggy green with touches of aqua blue.