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Mindful Ceramic Making

Our Mindful Ceramic Making sessions provide a space for people experiencing mental health issues to explore creativity as an outlet. Our research shows the tactile nature of handbuilding pottery can help to stimulate creativity and can alleviate symptoms of anxiety, intrusive thoughts and depression. We received funding from GCVS for 8 weekly free pottery & wellbeing sessions and our potters were referred by their GP surgery. 

Sessions are led by Ivy, a ceramicist and artist with experience in running community led workshops. In the first few sessions, attendees were shown a variety of hand-building techniques and asked to start thinking about ideas for their own artworks. Independent working happened quickly, with attendees taking ownership of their ceramic projects and asking advice where needed. 

Once potters were happy with their projects, they were placed into the kiln to be bisque-fired and attendees were reunited with their fired ceramics at the next session.  Using glazing, Ivy showed the group how to add colour and detail to their pieces. Based on our feedback, learning about the  ceramic making process in the early sessions and progressing to building and finishing their own piece provided a sense of routine and achievement for those in attendance.

Our studio is a welcoming environment where creative ideas are encouraged and support is provided to actualise these ideas. Pottery is a leisurely and enjoyable activity can help create meaningful bonds between us. As the group got to know one and other, the sessions became as much about creating pottery as creating a social space. As a community arts studio, part of our mission is to actively encourage pottery as an easy and approachable craft that anyone can excel at. Across the sessions, attendees learned new skills & steadily improved them through the ongoing support and teachings of Ivy and Megan at our studio. We hope that we sparked a new hobby and outlet for all who attended.

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"I am so grateful for being able to attend, I was able to clear my mind and focus on something I'm really proud of. Ivy and Megan were fantastic really helpful and always there to give helpful hints tips and ways to make my piece work out. I will definitely attend one of the paid painting sessions because I found that aspect the most mindful part. Once again, thank you very much"

"I learnt more skills and felt more confident being around new people. It's important to allow people to have these experiences without the worry of cost. Not only learning new skills but social skills also.”

"I loved learning a new skill and meeting other creative people. The class made me feel calm and excited to make again. I have since started making more in my spare time which is great fun”

"A unique and inclusive opportunity regardless of budget or experience. This was the 1st time learning the basics of pottery because pottery classes are not affordable for me at the moment. Thank you for providing a chance”

"I really enjoyed the vibe at the Art Space. The facilitator was really good and it was a lovely group. There were lots of options with everything so it was quite exciting. You got to take stuff you made home and I am looking forward to people seeing what I have made. I am hoping to get back into drawing and writing now that my confidence is better. My anxiety is so much better since taking part in the course. It was so relaxing working with clay. Thank you SO much!"