Art Space G41 Ceramic Policy


Pottery Process:

Ceramics can take up to two to 4 weeks to be fired and finished for collection. We use stoneware or earthenware clay for all of our classes. For all ceramic and pottery making sessions each ceramic piece is fired twice: a bisque firing and a glazes firing.  Before the ceramics are fired they must be completely dry in order for the ceramic to be fired properly. The drying process can take up to ten days (Scotland is a wet country and sometimes ceramic takes a long time to dry out!) Once the ceramics are dried they are bisque fired and then glaze fired. Each firing can take up to 9-26 hours to fire and cool. We try our best to get your creations ready as soon as possible. However, a 4 week turnaround is typical.


Pottery painting session:

For this process there is single glaze firing. This firing can take up to 9-14 hours to fire ceramics pieces. Once you have finished painting your ceramic piece your ceramic  items are left with us at the studio. Ceramics take 1-2 weeks to be fired. All items are food, dishwasher, and microwave safe. We recommend that you hand wash your ceramic pieces so that they last longer.


Pottery Items:

Whilst every precaution will be taken to ensure the best possible outcome for every firing, there is no guarantee that all the pieces you create will emerge from the kiln intact. Chips, cracks, bubbles, inconsistent glaze, warping and explosions are common and should be expected, however we do our utmost to ensure that every firing is successful but each firing is unique. 


Please also be aware that whilst we try to achieve consistency in finishing up your creations, glaze and surface texture may vary slightly from piece to piece. We cannot glaze the underside of any pot - if we did, they would stick to the kiln during firing. We leave a 1-4 cm gap at the bottom of each pot when we dip it in glaze. This is standard practice in the world of ceramics.


As we are a small studio, once you have recieved an email that your item(s) are ready for collection, we cannot keep them longer than 3 months.


4-8 Week Courses:

The above information (and our cancellation policy) applies to all 4-8 week courses. If you are unable to attend a session please let us know. Due to an overwhelming amount of reschedule requests for single and multiple dates within a several week course - we can no longer offer reschedules if you miss a class. The process of making pottery is time-sensitive in nature and the course has been designed with this in mind. Please try and ensure you can commit to the 4-8 week sessions. If you do need to miss a session, the work for that week will be completed for you by one of our tutors.


Finished Pots