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Are you a creative practitioner in G41 or nearby?

Are you a creative practitioner in G41 or nearby? Art Space G41 is always looking for new tutors and crafts to add to our roster of workshops. If you are interested in teaching we would love to hear from you - we have lots of experience working with both seasoned and first-time teachers, and supporting them to develop a one-off workshop or series of classes in our space. Delivering workshops is a great opportunity to make connections in the community and facilitate creativity! We are open to a variety of ticketing and pricing structures, and to running targeted workshops to create safe spaces for marginalised groups.

If you’re a local maker, you can sell your handmade goods alongside other artists and craftspeople in the Art Space G41 makers’ shop. Makers get 75% of all proceeds from sales of their work. Our shop and displays are thoughtfully co-ordinated by Aaliyah, who makes sure each piece is displayed at its best. 

Contact Us if this sounds like something you’d be interested in!

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