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Led by Natasha Visser


What to expect

Welcome to the wonderful medium of Silver Clay - a material with the consistency of clay and the look of metal! Made up of tiny particles of metal suspended in an organic binder, Silver Clay is a material uniquely suited for sculptural jewellery. This workshop with goldsmith Natasha Visser will introduce you to the processes of sculpting, firing and finishing Silver Clay, and to some basic jewellery-making techniques.

Silver Clay is real silver that has been reclaimed from various industrial processes. It is ground down into a fine powder and mixed with an organic binder and water so that it looks like clay. This material can then be shaped, moulded and sculpted into exquisite designs. After drying, the pieces are fired to burn away the organic binder, leaving 99.9% hallmark quality silver.

With the 7 grams of Silver Clay provided, you will make a pair of earrings and a pendant, or up to five items as you choose. With Natasha’s guidance, you will shape, texture and refine your pieces, dry them and fire them in the kiln; once fired, you can polish and finish them for a variety of effects.

You will be provided with a sterling silver Trace chain, earring hooks and jump rings for putting your finished pieces together. By the end of the class you will have made your own jewellery start to finish!

This class is for anyone, beginner level onwards.

What to bring

- A sketchbook for your designs

- Glasses if you need because we will be working with small items

- Any items to press into the clay for texture, or to make a mould of - e.g. small shells or natural elements. There will be cutters, moulds and stamps available.

You will be provided with:

- 7 grams of Silver Art clay

- One sterling silver Trace chain

- One set of sterling silver ear hooks

 - Jump rings for attachments

Natasha Visser is a local goldsmith from the Southside of Glasgow. She will guide you through the process.

Silver Clay 1

silver clay items

Silver Clay 3

Silver Clay 2