Art Space G41 residentsRachel Allan Yoga

 I am a yoga teacher & forever yoga student living & teaching in Glasgow. I walked into my first class & I never looked back as I just knew it was the start of something good – I felt this massive boost of energy & an access to calmness that just kept me going back & back again. I noticed people around me using yoga in different ways – to physically recover from injury, to emotionally recover from past experience, for enjoyment, to de-stress, to find community. It was crystal clear that yoga is a transformative tool. It was cool, it was useful, it still is, & I have been devoted ever since. I am surrounded by people who turn up for various reasons with the common motivation that yoga makes life better on some level. There are no wrong or right reasons & it doesn’t matter where you have been or where you are from. Teaching lets me show that yoga can remind us we are naturally powerful, strong & can move in different ways. I am committed to offering a practice that is accessible & shows that movement can bring us joy & a steadiness than can support daily life. Join me Sunday mornings for an inclusive donation only vinyasa based movement session with clear instruction to cultivate ease & comfort of movement & warm, calm, strong energy to begin your day. Expect to breathe deep, wake up & occasionally help me figure out my left from my right. Every single body embraced!