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Led by Sarah Bland and Paula Doherty




What to expect

This ceramic throwing course is suitable for both beginners and improvers. Participants will learn a number of wheel throwing techniques and will also learn to turn and finish pots in preparation for glazing and firing.

For beginners: in the first lesson you will learn how to center the clay on the wheel. You will also learn how to create a bowl, cup and pull a handle for the cup using some of these techniques.

For more advanced potters: you will learn how to create bigger objects (vases, bowls, jugs). You will also learn how to throw a vase with a cylindrical neck or spout.

Once the course is finished, all ceramic pieces will be glazed and fired. Pieces will be ready for collection 3 weeks after the conclusion of the course to allow sufficient time for drying and 2 firings.

Whilst every precaution will be taken to ensure the best possible outcome for every firing, there is no guarantee that all the pieces you create will emerge from the kiln intact or the exact colour of glaze you have chosen. We do our utmost to ensure that every firing is successful but each firing is unique.

By purchasing, you agree that you will not hold the studio, its staff, volunteers or any other person associated with the studio, responsible for work that is damaged or defective in any way while in the studio at any stage of the process.

What to bring

Participants will also receive a 10kg bag of clay and their own set of tools.

On the day, we recommend that you wear something that you don’t mind getting dirty and that you bring an extra towel.

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