Our Work with the Veteran Community

Art Space G41 has been working closely with Veterans Community Lanarkshire to offer pottery making workshops. These sessions have continued over several weeks & have created a strong social bond amongst the participants. These boats were made during November & December 2022 during sessions led by Sarah Bland. In these photos you can see the journey of the boats from being first handmade in clay before they are returned the following week bisque-fired and ready to be glazed by the veterans.

veteran step 1

veteran step 3

veteran glazing boat

veteran boats 2

Making Ceramic Poppies for Rememberance Day 

Another project that we worked on as a group is hand-building poppies in stoneware clay in honour of the armed forces members who have died in the line of duty. Below you can see the process that begins with rolling out the clay and sculpting the poppies. Once finished, these pieces were then taken to our studio and bisque fired ready for the following weeks session. The folk at Veterans Community Lanarkshire glazed the poppies in a low-fire ceramic glaze the following week. As per the last photo, one more kiln firing and they became finished pieces of ceramic art.

 veteran making poppies 1

  veteran making poppies 2

  veteran making poppies 3

 veteran poppies 3.1

  veteran poppies 4.1

  veteran poppies 5.1

with thanks to Veterans Community Lanarkshire 

veterans community lanarkshire