Event Bookings & Venue Hire

We offer private bookings for a workshop of your choice be it for a birthday, corporate team building event, hen-due/stag-due, baby showers or other private functions. We also hire our studio space for events and classes. A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking with balance due one week prior to event. 

Our workshops are highly enjoyable for people of all ages and abilities.  They are excellent events for groups who love to chat, have fun, create and try something new. Our tutors are friendly and approachable and have loads of experience, so you are in good hands. 

You can choose between ceramics, pottery painting, sewing or silver clay jewellery for your private booking. 

We also have gift vouchers for all our class, pottery painting, and Maker Shops. To purchase a voucher please follow this link : https://squareup.com/gift/MLM6FQXMHH49N/order

Please contact us to confirm your dates before payments are made. Once your date is confirmed, a full payment of your booking fee must be made before the event.

‚ÄčIf you have any questions please call us at the studio on 0141 636 5268 or email us about your event: contact@artspaceg41.org

Our Cancelation Policy applies to all private events.

Wheel Throwing Ceramics Class 

Minimum 3 people - Maximum 6. £47pp. (£35pp for children) 

Workshop time: 1.5 hours. 

Participants will make a variety of functional ceramic pieces on the wheel. All ceramic work will be fired and glazed. Participants can choose their single coloured glaze on the day. If you would like to paint your pieces you can book to paint them. Booking to paint your pieces is £15.00 please follow the link to Book to Paint Here

Wheel Taster 1

Kids Ceramic Painting Classes

The cost is £175 for up to 8 children. This price includes the 

painting fee and bisque ware per item up to £12. For parties of more than 8 children, there is a charge of £20 per additional child.

Workshop time: 1.5 hour. 

Children can choose 1 object from a variety of different ceramic bisque ware pieces to paint.

Children must be aged 6+. For parties of more than 6 children, an adult (parent/carer) will need to be present.

Kids Pottery Painting session

Kids Handbuilding Ceramic Classes 

The cost is £185 for up to 6 children. For parties of more than 6 children, there is a charge of  £20 per additional child. All materials and glazes are included.

Workshop time: 1.5 hours. 

Children must be aged 6+. For parties of more than 6 children, an adult (parent/carer) will need to be present.


Kids handbuilding2

Hand-Building Ceramics Class 

Minimum 7 people - Maximum 20. £45pp. (£35pp for children in family group)

Workshop time: 2 hours. 

BYOB optional with no corkage fee (must be 18+)

You will learn and apply techniques such as slab-rolling and coil building to create personalised ceramic pieces. If there is something you specifically wish to make, please let us know beforehand. If you are not sure what to make, we can suggest some ideas! Your pieces will then be fired and participants can choose the glaze colour of their choice on the day. 

handbuilding session 2

Pottery Painting

2 hour sessions:

Up to 20 people - £140 + pay per ceramic piece. 

20+ people - £7pp + pay per ceramic piece.

BYOB optional with no corkage fee (must be 18+)

Our ceramic bisqueware includes dishes, mugs, pots, plates, trinket boxes, animals and more. Prices range from £3-£25

Paint and decorate ceramics using our food & drink safe glazes. If one or more members of the party are returning to paint pieces already made at a previous session, there is a charge per person that will be added either to the booking cost or to the individual on the day of event. The pricing structure can be found here.

Pottery Painting pic 1

Silver Clay Jewellery

Capacity: minimum 4 people - Maximum 10. 

Pricing: £240 for 4 people, additional £55 per person for parties of more than 4

Workshop time: 3 hours.

What is included:

Participants will make and decorate a piece of jewellery: either bracelet, necklace, or earrings charms. These are made using clay which, when fired, becomes silver. The tutor has a variety of methods for decorating, but you are welcome to bring anything with you to press, make a mould of, or copy. For events such as bridal showers/hen dos, each person could make a charm for a necklace/bracelet for the bride. You can also add sparkly stones to your jewellery. If this is something you would like to add there is an additional cost.

silver clay items

Kids Sewing Workshops

Capacity: Minimum 6 people - Maximum 8 

Pricing: £205 for 6 kids, additional £22 per person for parties of more than 6.

Workshop time: 3 hours.

Participants will make a personal piece from start to finish. If there is something specific you would like to make we can check with our tutor to see what is possible time-wise. If you would like suggestions of what you can make we can offer these. We will provide sewing machines, patterns and materials - along with a full haberdashery. 

Kids Hand Sewing Workshop

Dog Tiles 

We love all animals!

Clay paw prints are an amazing piece of your pet, as no two prints are exactly the same.

For a paw print, this can be one paw or two paws. The cost is £35 for one tile or £55 for two tiles. We have stamps for you to print up to two words/Dates onto the tile, extra words are 50p per word. For the finish you can have a bair matt finish or you can pick a colour and we will clear glaze your finished tile. 

An appointment in the studio will last around 15-25 minutes. Please arrange this ahead of time. A payment must be made when booking. 

We will have everything ready at the studio for when you and your furry friend arrive. Please bring your pet’s favourite treats or toy to keep them distracted!

Dog Paw Print 1

Baby Prints

Capture your little one’s hand and footprints forever with our help to get the perfect prints.
If you want to create a gift for someone special or a little something to go in a keepsake box we can help.

£35 for one tile or £55 for two tiles.

Our Ceramic Policy applies

Conor Tiles